What makes a Good Content Writer?

Patience makes a good content writer in my view. No one is born perfect, and a writer who listens to others will be successful. Also like designing, writing is a natural born skill, and it becomes that much easier if you have a flare to admire and express things around you..!

I agree with your post...
To have an article you need
+ How does It Work ?
+ About Author
+ Advantage
+ Conlussion
+ Introduce
+ What’s It...
To be a best content writer, You should must have the complete knowledge on the topic on which you are writing.
& most important thing, You should must have the ability to write article in such a way which could create curiosity in readers mind when they will read your article.
When people will become curious for your article then you will get understand that Now you are a best content writer. ;)
If you senior says that you need to learn more that means they are expecting more good result from you, take it those comments in positive way and take help from Google to check where your content has been lacking. Good Luck!!
Apart from good english, grammar and all you need to create the content in a short and precise manner. Should be able to produce the content as per the needs of different type of clients.
A great content writer is someone who pays attention to the trends, takes the time to invest more than just nominal effort into their work and takes extra care in delivering the right information. Those writers are out there, there's just a cloud of bad writers whom mess up the opportunities for the better writers because there are so many who think it's easy to put pen to paper or create content worth reading.
1. Master different writing style
2. Do not pick random subjects
3. Know what SEO and Wordpress are
4. Become social media specialist
5. Get original
I would say a good and attentive reader can be a better content writer. As a content writer a person has to write for multiple businesses and on a variety of topics , so naturally he/she will have to spend much time on reading different things and juicing relevant matter from it.
TO be a content writer u should give what people wanna read. Audience like to read interesting stuffs, Stories, Article which interests them & make them share. Do a through research on blogs, articles & news. you may get your answer.
You have to had almost full knowledge about this issue, and something that rare people known. Or your lines have creative means and idea
You may go for the following steps if you want to be a good content writer.

1--Be a good writer. It's important that you're comfortable with writing in English and that you're good with grammar. Also, be sure of your spelling, punctuation, and online readability expectations. It also helps to be able to write fast and accurately.

2--Be prepared to produce fresh content daily. This means having a good source of ideas, knowledge, and research resources at hand.

3--Be disciplined. You'll need to create a schedule for daily writing.

4--Find suitable websites. There are many possible sites online where you can add content. Some pay, and some give you only recognition. Use both, as you'll need an excellent portfolio to get better paying jobs. Sites include:
Content farms (good for start but not for a career)
Wikis (for practice and for sharing knowledge)
Blogs (your own and other people's - guest blogging)
Business and other websites needing content
News sites
Professional sites.

5--Learn the importance of keywords, search engine best practices, and how to write search engine friendly content. Be aware that there are a lot of misunderstandings about keywords and search engines. At the end of the day, spamming with keywords is bad and will reduce the value of your content. A well-written, highly original piece will be attractive to readers and worth its weight in gold. If you focus on your writing skills and, above all, create interesting content, you'll be fine.