where should i post my blogs?

For free high DA blog websites, you can try using a backlink checker tool. It helps you find blogs with good domain authority where you can post for free. Just search using the tool, and you'll find plenty of options to explore!
Some of the websites that I know of are:
  1. Medium.com
  2. Tumblr.com
  3. Blogger.com
  4. WordPress.com
  5. Weebly.com
  6. Ghost.org
You can post your blog in social bookmarking sites to rank high in search engines. Some good sites to submit a blog are here.

  1. Reddit.com
  2. Pinterest.com
  3. Mix (formerly known as StumbleUpon)
  4. Digg.com
  5. Pocket
  6. Flipboard
  7. Scoop.it
  8. Diigo
  9. Folkd
  10. Pearltrees
These are social bookmarking sites. Can we post Guest blogs there?
Will you help me with proper guidance.
Yes these are social bookmarking sites. Guest blogging sites are other kinds of websites/blogs. Guest blogging requires somehow more effort than submitting site in social bookmarking sites. For guest blogging, you request the owner of blog to allow you to publish your guest post. Your post also goes through some verification processes. For guest blogging sites you can search "write for us" in google search.
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You must post your blogs where your target audience spends maximum of their time online. Consider platforms like Medium, WordPress, or Blogger for a broader target audience attain. If your content is visual, systems like Instagram or Pinterest might be suitable. Alternatively, you could leverage professional networks like LinkedIn for enterprise-precise content. Experiment with distinct platforms and examine in which you get the maximum engagement to tailor your method.