What are the disadvantages and advantages to online shopping?

Advantage - with the online shopping save our time. time cannot be wasted.
Disadvantage- we cannot feel the product. that how its good or not, and often you get bad shipments, problem when you return.
Advantages and disadvantages of online shopping:


1. Easy to Find
2. Products can be cheaper:
3. Save time and energy
4. Freedom of choice
5) Freedom of price flexibility
6. High satisfaction percentage


1. Delay
2. Inferior product:
3. Shipping Charge
4. Delivery Problem
5. Shopaholic
Access - Online shopping allows you to shop from any vendor, at any time, anywhere in the world. Virtual window shopping enables all users to shop at their leisure and across multiple marketplaces.
Time Saver - You no longer have to get in your car and have to drive to the mall to shop. There are no lines and you can come back to your cart whenever you want.
Online Deals and Promotions - Before you checkout, you can scour the Internet for online coupon codes or special discounts. Many companies send coupons to their customers who have opted into their email marketing campaigns, delivering them with the latest product or service information and what current promotions they are currently holding.
Shipping Rates - Though some companies offer free flat rate shipping, it still may come at a cost. For instance, a clothing store may offer free shipping but at a minimum of a $50 purchase.
Waiting - If you're an impatient person, waiting for your product to be delivered can be a pain. There is a lack of instant gratification and even possibilities of delay when it comes to receiving your items.
Refunds/Returns Disputes - If an item comes damaged or not as described, you will want to return the item or be refunded your money. Depending on where you purchased your item, there can be different policies for refunds and returns; this process is tedious and is prolonged since you would have to ship back the item and wait on the buyer to refund your payment.