How to start a drop shipping business

Get drop-shipment plugin to convert your website to a marketplace and start shipping. Cloud based ecommerce solutions are your best bet.
Do Careful Market Research before Starting your Drop Shipping Home-based Business

As with all other home-based businesses you should do careful market research before starting to sell drop shipped products. Find out what products people want to buy and that you would enjoy selling before deciding what type of drop shipped products you are going to sell.

Find a Drop Shipping Supplier for your Home-based Business

The next step in starting your home-based business is to find a drop supplier who sells the products that you have decided to sell. Doba is a popular drop shipping company and has many different products available for you to choose from.

Set up your Website to Promote Your Home-based Business and Drop Shipping Products

In order to sell your drop shipping products you should set up a website that will promote these products, take orders and accept payments automatically. You should use graphics and content that accurately describe the products you are selling and your website should be search engine optimized to pull in more traffic.

Market Your Drop Shipping Business

Once your website is up and running use methods such as search engine optimization, article marketing, social bookmarking, email marketing and other forms of internet marketing, as well as offline marketing to promote your drop shipping business.

Take Orders and Send These to Your Drop Ship Supplier

Once your website starts making sales you should collect these sales at least daily and pass them on to your drop ship supplier who can then fulfill these orders for you. You will also send on the wholesale price of the item and keep whatever profit you have made from it.

Drop shipping is really a means of sourcing products that means you can sell products for your home-based business and do not need a large store room to keep stock. You will still deal with all other aspects of the company such as setting the retail price, taking orders and payments and promoting the business, but will then send the orders onto the drop ship company to deliver the products.