How many page views per day to join Google Adsense?

I do not think thier is actual amount they require. First make sure your website is in search engines and has mutiple pages or post for a blog. Second make sure it follows all rules of adsense and google search. I would wait a little while and have alot of content on blog or website before trying to get adsense.

You can get free blogger blog and write about your site and link to it. Once you set up blogger account and blog and write mutiple posts for a few weeks then apply you should be approved if you follow google terms. Then i would buy domain with paypal and get cheapest wordpress hosting uk for site targeting uk. Then add adsense code to the site you own so it never can be taken away and promote that site.

Then just use code from your account on your own website when your accepted. Make sure to buy web hosting paypal and domain name for more than 1 year search engines look at how long you buy domain name for and how long website is around.
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As such there is no such fixed value told by Google about the number of Pageviews in order to get Google Adsense Approval.

Try to create the basic pages like Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and a few others. Besides these make sure that you have enough content on your website before even applying for Google Adsense.

Once you are approved for the first stage of Google Adsense approval, once done oyou will receive a code which you can paste on your website so you will start seeing blank ads on it.
Page view not fix to join Google Adsense account. They have lots of requirements:
1. You should have minimum 10 blog post on your website, each blog length is 600-700 words.
2. Your Website Domain at-least 2 months old
3. In your website some pages are must like About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Contact us.
4. Minimum 50-100 visitors enough to join Google Adsense Account.
according to my experience, 200 visit's per day is sufficient to start google Adsense. To get this much traffic you should have good content on the blog or your site.