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As a Cyber Security Expert, I will provide penetration Testing and WordPress Malware Removal services. Those are my best and strongest skills. I can combine the power of manual and automated penetration tests to remove all types of malware and viruses from any WordPress website.

My Services on penetration testing:
✅I will test File Uploads, SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, Authentication, Access Control, Information Disclosure, RFI, RCE, LFI, Brute Force, SSRF, and many more Bugs.
✅I will test your website and give you a professional and premium testing report that help you fix this vulnerability.
✅Network devices (Servers, switches, routers) Penetration Testing services.
✅I will test manual and automated both.
✅Mobile Application Penetration Testing.

My services for WordPress Malware Removal:
✅I will remove all types of malware and viruses from hacked WordPress websites
✅fix redirect issues where the website redirects to another website and URLs.
✅remove malware from the server of C-Panel
✅Reactive suspended hosting account.
✅Remove Japanese or Chinese Spam Links.
✅Remove all backdoors and phishing scripts.
✅Install many security plugins.
✅Updates all Plugins and Themes on your website.

Why work with me:
⭐️I will use multiple vulnerability scanners.
⭐️Provide unlimited modifications and retesting for the issues that have been fixed.
⭐️No false Positives on the Report and give the recommendations.
⭐️On-time delivery.
Me on Fiverr:

Let me work with you. I am a professional cybersecurity specialist with 3years of experience. I will give you the best service. I hope you will be satisfied.
Thank You.


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Ensuring the security of your WordPress site is crucial to safeguarding your data and maintaining user trust. WordPress penetration testing involves systematically probing your site for vulnerabilities, identifying weaknesses before attackers can exploit them. Regular testing helps you fortify your defenses against potential threats. If malware has already infiltrated your site, prompt and thorough WordPress malware removal is essential. This process involves identifying and eliminating malicious code, restoring your site to its secure state, and implementing preventive measures to protect against future attacks. Together, these practices are vital for maintaining a robust, secure WordPress environment.