Help Needed: Designing a Zenless Zone Zero Tier List


New member
I'm currently working on creating a comprehensive tier list for Zenless Zone Zero, and I could really use your expertise and input! As many of you are experienced players, your insights would be incredibly valuable. Here are a few questions I have to guide the design of this tier list:

  1. Criteria for Ranking: What criteria should be the primary focus when ranking characters? (e.g., overall power, versatility, specific role effectiveness, ease of use, etc.)
  2. Game Modes: How should the tier list account for different game modes or content? Should there be separate rankings for PvE, PvP, and other modes?
  3. Character Roles: How important is it to distinguish between different character roles (DPS, support, tank, etc.) in the tier list? Should there be separate tiers for each role?
  4. Updates and Changes: Given that games like Zenless Zone Zero frequently receive updates, how often should the tier list be updated? What’s the best way to stay informed about changes that could affect rankings?
  5. Community Input: How can I effectively gather and incorporate community feedback into the tier list? Are there specific metrics or data points that are particularly valuable?
  6. Balance and Fairness: What are the best practices to ensure the tier list remains balanced and fair? How do you handle potential biases?
  7. Presentation: What’s the most user-friendly way to present the tier list? (e.g., visual charts, detailed write-ups, video format, etc.)
  8. Examples and References: Are there existing tier lists for other games that you think are particularly well done and could serve as a good model for this project?
Any additional tips or advice on creating a reliable and accurate tier list would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all for your help!