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DROGA5 AGENCY Provides Marketing Solutions To Help You Increase Sales
We have 9 years of experience in Marketing and advertising and have many ways to overcome any difficulties when the ad account crashes. We operate 24/7 and provide FACEBOOK - GOOGLE - TIKTOK AGENT account with big budget
Stop, don't ignore if you are trading products BH, WH, GH, Crypto, NFT, Gambling,...

1. Our service:

1- Rent a facebook ad account with a spending history.
2- Daily spending limit is always $1500 or unlimited to help customers get the most profit
3- Set up account and fanpage, pixel in VPS, ADSPOWER... with strong proxy
4- Credit card (available in the account);
5- 24/7 support staff

Advantages of Google Ads invoice accounts
Renting a Google Ads invoice account will have more advantages than creating a new Google Ads account, because it has many advantages as follows:
Ads are approved with priority
Your ad will be approved faster, and the content in the ad will also be much more detailed.
Able to run on big, huge, super big budgets
Google accepts whatever budget you want to run. Unlike regular advertising accounts, if they run too loud, they will be locked due to irregularities.
Running many difficult industries
We have an account and have spent money, helping you run difficult industries with the low fees
Live long and healthy account
Invoice or Invoice Adwords account is the most advanced type of account in the Business Manager system, so it will definitely be much favored by Google.
There is a support team to guide you in handling all problems
You have a whole team to support you in solving all advertising problems. They will give you tips on how to handle the problem wisely.
Easy to manage and optimize
The account is healthy, the campaign runs smoothly, machine learning is not interrupted, if you want to test ads, you are approved immediately. Either way will optimize your budget.
Tiktok Agency account
- Tiktok's advanced account type for businesses at the moment ( Customers can Teamviewer to check and verify BC Tiktok before cooperation )
- BC tiktok has been registered as a business with unlimited daily spending
- Ensure that the Account is always fully supplied and the backup account is always available for customers to use
- Time zone according to customer's request
- Tiktok is expanding with Tiktok shop to keep up with FB and the Road index is very high with a lot of customers so there is a lot of potential in the future
- Always update all the latest information and offers to support customers
- Lots of staff to support 24/7

2. Fee of Service

1- Spend 200$ - 2000$/day charge 10%
2- Spend 2001$ - 5000$/day charge 9%
3- Spend 5001$ - 10000$/day charge 8%
4- Spending > 10000$ negotiable
5- In addition, when customers use the service and refer friends, they will receive a discount for both customers and friends
Fees will be reduced if customers spend a lot.
5% Service Fee for all products and give away $450 when the advertising account reaches the final threshold of $900, we will proceed to spend the threshold and not pay FB and we will have a profit of $900 divided by 50: 50. I would then send a new account to continue spending and continue on plan once you reach the next $900 threshold. With this form, you can spend freely with a 5% Service Fee, while receiving revenue of $450 for each account reaching the threshold of $900, the more you spend, the greater the refund.
Google - TikTok
For personal accounts 15% fee
For Invoice accounts 20% Fee

3. Cooperation policy and account level:
1- Customers check their accounts via VPS, ADPOWER
2- Transfer spending budget + fees
3- We give you an account in 10 minutes
4- Staff will support you 24/7 in a private closed group.

4. Payment :

5. Refund Policy:
1- Commit to 100% refund if the partner has a problem and wants to stop the contract.
The remaining money after stopping cooperation will be counted and transferred back after 30 mins
6.Contact us
*Telegram: @Droga5AgencyGlobal
*Skype: live:.cid.13f8c51a9973e378
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