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    Staff augmentation for P2P investment platform

    Expore how software development company (Globaldev) helped a FinTech company that operates a P2P investment platform to build several R&D teams to support the company’s requirements and growth plans.
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    Data and analytics engineers for Gentrack Logical Data Model

    Are you thinking of transforming energy and utilities sector with the world’s leading solutionsor or even almost ready to get down to business? If so, you need a trusted software development partner for this. And it's a tough decision. Meet our client - Gentrack -leading New Zealand technology...
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    Loan processing system with a custom admin panel

    Automation, security and performance improvements have always been markers of progress among financial institutions. To grow and to innovate in this field you need a reliable financial software development company. With our deep domain knowledge and strong technical base we will develop and...
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    Globaldev Group IT company

    Automation, security and performance improvements have always been markers of progress among financial institutions. To grow and to innovate in this field you need a reliable financial software development company. With our deep domain knowledge and strong technical base we will develop and...
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    Staff augmentation for a leading utility provider

    Globaldev works closely with energy and utility service providers creating comprehensive solutions for management, data collection, and analysis. We are a trusted software development partner for the energy and utility sector. Want to find out how we can benefit you?- read our case study...
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    Global Engineering. Custom software development services

    Hey there! Looking for a custom software development company that gets your vision? Look no further! At GlobalDev, we bring your ideas to life with our top-notch software product engineering services. Our team of tech-savvy wizards is all set to create tailored software solutions that fit your...
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    Global Teams. Scale your development crew while lowering costs

    Unlock the power of seamless scalability with our team extension services. Extend your existing team with top-notch talents from around the globe. Whether you need specialized skills or additional workforce, our hand-picked professionals seamlessly integrate with your team to boost productivity...
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    Globaldev Group IT company

    Globaldev Group is a team of professionals specializing in creating engineering teams for technological businesses for the Western Europe, Israel, USA. Only long-term product teams for EU with investments and a modern stack of technologies. We set up the company in 2010 in Kharkiv. In 2017 we...
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    How digital solutions improve regulatory compliance: Facility documentation

    As healthcare regulations become increasingly complex, digital solutions are becoming essential tools for compliance. This recent blog post provides a comprehensive overview of how technology can streamline compliance tasks, reduce errors, and improve patient safety.
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    Explaining benefits verification

    Benefits verification, prior authorization, and verification of pre-authorization are imperative procedures at all healthcare facilities. Depending on how well you conduct these procedures, you can either maximize your profit and build excellent relationships with your patients or cause revenue...
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    What do physicians expect from surgical scheduling software?

    Do you want to adopt surgical scheduling software for your facility? Before going all in, learn all of its must-have features and what do physicians really expect from surgical scheduling software.
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    How to Develop a Pharmacy Management System

    When you are tired of slow, error-filled operations that force your customers to hesitate, you are going to look for a remedy. If you want to transform towers of paper into digital, manage retail sales of prescribed and over the counter medicine, control stock and dispensing, estimate demand...
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    Hospital Management Software Development: Modules, Features, and Main Benefits

    In this article, you will learn everything about hospital management software development: hospital system types, benefits for both hospitals and patients to consider while developing, the most widespread features. You will also see examples of mobile and web systems. Ultimately, the average...
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    Mobile App Development Services

    Mobile Application Development Services for New or Existing Business What can we build together? We cover the four most common use cases. Which one sounds like your project? Build a mobile app from scratch If you're going to launch a brand new product on the market, we always recommend...
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    Exploring eLearning in the Software Development Context

    "Everyone everywhere is talking about eLearning. It’s no wonder online learning is having its moment. The coronavirus outbreak upended almost every aspect of our lives at once, including work-based and academic education. It wasn’t just a move from offices and classrooms to computer screens...
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    How To Build An Educational Platform

    Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, various sectors have been rapidly switching from traditional offline business to online. In the education sector, school closures during the pandemic impacted almost 1.6 billion learners. Under these conditions, remote or blended learning became the new...
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    How to Build an Educational Platform for Kids and How Much It Costs

    Have you ever tried teaching something to a kid? Engaging children in learning activities is often not that easy. That’s why educational innovators throughout the years have taken on the task to make learning effortless and exciting. If you’re one of these innovators and want to know how to...
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    Comparing 3 Popular Pricing Models: Fixed-Price, Time & Materials, and Milestone

    When a customer hires a software development company, they sign a billing contract. The pricing model used depends on the project. The main models are fixed-price, time & materials, and milestone. In this article, we look at the advantages and disadvantages of these pricing models and tell you...
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    Medication Management App Development

    You might be wondering how much it will cost you to develop a medical management mobile app. The cost depends on the complexity of the project and the number of hours that IT specialists will spend developing the app. Read more about how you can develop this type of eHealth app
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    How to Develop a Medical Staff Scheduling System

    There’s no need to spend hours creating work schedules. There are systems for that! Staff scheduling software keeps your clinics operating efficiently by managing and tracking your staff’s time and maintaining schedules. Learn how to build medical staff scheduling software for you needs.