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    Are there any good Image Recognition Script/Plugin?

    Say the user uploaded an image to my website, this script will recognizes that is a cat and save it in folder named cats. are there any free or payed solution to these?
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    How many visitors can shared hosting handle?

    I have just bought a hosting plan for my website, it is a shared hosting but I don't see they mention how many visitors my shared hosting will handle? How to check this?
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    How do you find expiring domains?

    I would like to know how do you even find expiring domains? Like domains that you can buy when the owner as not even bothered to renew it. I thought this could be a good way to make some money and take advantage of people that forget to renew it, in the nicest way possible.
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    What's an Ecommerce Shopping Cart?

    Hi friends, What's an Ecommerce Shopping Cart?
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    Best video tools available in the market

    Hi all What would you recommend as the best video tools available on the internet?
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    Saying Hello

    Hello everyone, I am newbie here, just joined this forum site.