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    How to cancel this account

    Hi, This is the problem. I need to cancel this account. the main problem is I have deleted this gmail account address - [email protected] which I used to create the payoneer account. So i cant receive any emails regarding this payoneer account. So please delete this account. I can...
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    Can I have the prepaid card without bank account?

    Hi, I have a question if it is still possible to register on payoneer only for the prepaid card. I did it one year ago, now I have referred payoneer to my friend, but registration requires now… Have something changed or is she doing something wrong?
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    Payoneer WhiteList of companies

    Hi, i have my company registered in Pakistan and freelancing staff working in India ,Japan & UK.Can i add my company in Payoneer whitelist to pay the freelancers??? If a Pakistani company can be added in payoneer whitelist then what is criteria to add the same??
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    Credit to credit card

    I receive my refund to a website, and status is credit to credit card is completed but I don't receive my money in my credit card. why?
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    Payment Pending

    something should be done about PayPal holding pending payments for 7 days when they have received the money with epayments. banks clear payments in 2 hours or less why can't PayPal? i think they are just ripping everyone off, it's a disgrace
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    Receiving payment

    My colleague currently sent me a payment through PayPal but by sms, I've still not received it through to my account and I've had a text to say I need to accept the money he has sent across with a link attached. When I click on the link and log into my pay pal the money still doesn't show.... HELP
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    Transferring money to paypal from my bank problem

    I try to add money to my paypal account, but I get this "There's a problem with adding money to your account. If you'd like help, please contact us." the "contact us" being a link I tried messaging them yesterday, and no response yet.
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    Question with paypal?

    Within Paypal, browse to Profile > My money (left-hand side menu) > and under “My preapproved payments” click on “Update.” On this page, you’ll see a listing of your active Paypal subscriptions. Click on “Set Available Funding Sources” and uncheck the payment methods (ie. bank account) you don’t...
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    Paypal and payoneer what should we use ?

    For online trading, what payment methods that you have used ? According to your experience, what is the best payment method?
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    Shopping cart software that easy to use

    In your experience, what shopping cart software is easiest to use?
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    What is the advatage of selling on facebook?

    Selling on facebook is very cheap right now, but there are also a lot of other advatages that I don't know. In your opinion, what are they?
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    I want to start selling online, what shopping cart software that I should use.

    I want to start a Online business right now, what platform that I should use. I sell clothes to people in the UK
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    What we should do to grow a blog

    I have a blog and now I want to make it bigger to get more money. How can I do it?
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    Blogging is dead?

    Blog is a funny habit, but if we can't earn any money from it. We will not have any time for it . all day, we need to work to have money and then spends hours on blog without any chance to get money. Will blog dead?
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    Can blog generate money?

    Can bloggiing generate money for us? I want to earn some money from my blog but some friends told me that it is very difficult to earn. What should I do?
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    Where to learn PHP Magento

    Nice day friends, I want to learn PHP Magento but don't know where to start. Please give me some advice
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    SEO black hat and white hat?

    If you have right to choose: Blackhat and whitehat seo. What method that you will do?
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    Facebook advertising for traffic

    Facebook advertising is the best way to attract traffic to our website at lowest cost.Any one try this?
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    What is the first time that you earn money?

    Tell me, what is the first time that you earn money?
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    Can we SEO without backlinks?

    LInks is an important factor in SEO. But can we SEO without baclinks?