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    How to improve operating room efficiency

    Every ambulatory surgery center faces various operating room inefficiencies. To boost OR efficiency, start by making your communication with patients and staff transparent and easy to follow, get a good grip on your vendor management, and invest in a robust but flexible instrument for surgery...
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    How to improve staff retention at ASC

    Getting top talent in the door of your ASC is among the most critical priorities. However, the landscape of recruitment is changing and now we are in the midst of what has been coined the Great Resignation. Sure, there will always be some amount of turnover in your ASC as employees change career...
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    The design development process in 6 steps

    The design development phase is an incredibly important time in the life cycle of the project because design development stage is the time during which many of the prominent features are decided. Read a step by step description (and great example) of what a design development process looks like.
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    How to Build a Secure Medical Mobile App in Six Steps

    What app publishers need to know about the development of safe and secure medical mobile apps development
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    What is MVP and why is it necessary?

    "Did you know that nearly 70% of startups fail? There are many reasons for this, from disharmony in the development team to a lack of product-market fit. And what’s more, there’s rarely a single reason why a startup fails. In 2011, The Lean Startup by Eric Ries changed the history of startups by...
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    Power up your team: Hire dedicated developers in Ukraine

    Building or extending your development team can be a real challenge. We’re here to take the hassle out of recruiting. Our strong position on the market and high recruitment standards enable us to attract and retain the right talent.If you need a consultation or want to build own development team...
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    Video Chat App Development

    People are switching to remote work due to the coronavirus quarantine. People are staying at home and can’t see their friends. This has led to a fast increase in the popularity of video chat apps. If you’re planning to develop a video chat app, now is the right time to start. Build immersive...
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    How to Develop a Restaurant Reservation App

    "Booking a seat in a popular restaurant is a big deal nowadays. Most of the time people have to go back as all the tables are already occupied. Therefore, many food lovers are increasingly relying on restaurant table booking app to book a table at their favorite restaurant. If you want to...
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    Healthcare Mobile App Development for Doctors

    This article highlights medical mobile app development for doctors, types of apps with core features care givers are likely to use and gives tips for building a mobile app that can meet doctors' needs. Learn more about healthcare application development
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    How to Build a Food Delivery app for Restaurant?

    How to build up an effective service for food delivery? How to set a task for the developers and what functions will be required in the first place? Our team has made several service aggregators including a food aggregator. The material has been prepared on the basis of our experience. This...
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    How to Build an Effective Medical Mobile App

    The article presents crucial points to be considered before engaging into medical app development
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    Custom Healthcare Software Development

    We use advanced technologies and follow the latest industry standards to build custom healthcare solutions that meet the needs of medical organizations. Automate workflows in a private medical practice Modernize retail pharmacy management Improve the customer experience with wellness providers...
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    Food Ordering App Development for Mobile, Web, and Kiosk

    Build your own restaurant app for web, mobile, and kiosks and increase your average check size by 25%. Work with an experienced restaurant app development company
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    How to Build a Food Delivery Website for Your Restaurant

    "With the rise of online ordering services such as UberEats, Postmates, GrubHub and many others, customers have access to a wide range of food delivery options. These third-party services are great for restaurant owners because they do most of the heavy lifting for you. They provide the...
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    How to Build a Video Chat App: Types, Features, and Our Hands-on Experience

    The tendency of a remote lifestyle changed the way people cooperate. To provide an uncut conversation experience on-the-go, startups and companies create video chat apps. But, you need to define a set of features and understand a budget for video chat app development. Learn how to build a video...
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    How Much Does It Cost to Make an App?

    How much does it cost to make an app? is a common question to ask your software development company. It’s your right to know where your money goes when crafting your mobile solution. In this guide, we break down everything you need to know about mobile app development costs...
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    How Can You Build and Monetize a Job Aggregator? 7 Business Models Beyond PPC

    Building a job aggregator makes good business sense. But for it to be profitable, you need to pick out a competitive business model to monetize career portal
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    How to Implement Fitness Studio Scheduling Software and Why It’s a Must

    Running the gym is now easier with tools for automating, centralizing, and streamlining tasks. But there are so many options. The first step is to go deeper and figure out what's going on. And, luckily, you’ve come to the right spot. In this article, we will explore how gym scheduling software...
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    How to Build a Food Delivery app for Restaurant?

    Have you ever thought about creating your own restaurant app? Anyone reading this post has probably used a food delivery service on more than one occasion. There are also those who prefer to have their food cooked and delivered most of the time for whatever reason – busy schedules, lack of...
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    Wireframe vs Mockup vs Prototype

    wireframe vs mockup vs prototype- Ain’t all three seem the same? They aren’t. It is a subject that needs clarity, as it is seen differently by designers and clients. And what do you think?